Who am I?

  • Julie Wakeley

    I am a trained Educational Psychologist, with many years' experience working with schools in Cornwall. I have also worked for ten years as a teacher, before I became an EP.

Options Available

Whole school support

This involves contracting me in for a full package of support across your school. Contracts are normally for a minimum of one academic year, or longer if required.

At our initial meeting, we would discuss your current priorities and how I can best support you. To ensure that my time is fully optimized, we would discuss and review casework/ whole school needs at regular points through the year.

My core work will focus on helping you meet the educational needs of individual children and young people, through observation, assessment, and other work on a 1:1 basis. I also work in close liaison with school staff, parents and any other agencies (e.g. CAMHS; Speech and Language Service).

My contracted time can also include a range of other options to support the wider school community, such as:

Professional support

This is for schools requiring a stand-alone package of support for staff. As above, schools usually contract me in for a year, although shorter time periods may be considered.

Professional support offers staff a safe and confidential space in which to reflect on their practice in a supportive way. Sessions normally run at least once a term, and are available for all school staff, as part of their ongoing development and to support their overall well-being (please see attached leaflet).

Non-contracted work

One off pieces of work (e.g. assessment of child/young person) may also be purchased. Please note that this type of work is subject to EP availability, as it is fitted in around the core services described above.